Advantages of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Advantages of Hiring a Wedding Planner

More often than not, we find ourselves pointing out the below to our guests. Hence, to make it simpler, we decided to publish a blog on the advantages of hiring a wedding planner.

Save Money

Contrary to the cliché that wedding planners add to your cost, they generally get the best deals from most of your vendors and hence end up saving you a ton of money. Since wedding planners have a long-standing rapport with the vendors, they always get a special price versus what any client would get directly from the vendor. Our first advice is to break away from the myth that hiring a wedding planner will be an extra financial burden.


Budget Management

One of the most tedious tasks, when you sit down for planning a wedding, is budget allocation. A wedding is a rare occasion in each family, and it isn’t expected of us to be aware of the financial elements of the event. But if you’re talking to a decorator and they quote a number, you should be in a position to gauge if it’s too high or not enough for the expectations you have. And that’s just one vendor. A wedding planner on the other hand knows exactly how much money to allocate to each vendor and what extra could be done or what would need a reduction in order to fit it into your budget.

Finds The Perfect Vendors

We hosted a wedding where one part of the groom’s family was from Banaras and keeping this in mind, the wedding planner called a Pagadi-wala from the same region just to add a touch of cultural familiarity. This small gesture created such a big wave of happiness as the vendor blended in like family. This is what wedding planners do. They find the perfect vendors not for the role at hand, but also for you and your family in general.


Will Take Care Of Your Guests

Atithi Devo Bhavais an integral part of our culture. Be it a small gathering, or a large wedding, we always put our guests first. Having a wedding planner is like that cousin you can bank upon to welcome the aunty who demands attention everywhere she goes. Though you still will have to eventually attend to your guests personally, the initial niceties are well taken care of.

Plan B Ready

For every small problem or big mishap that is bound to occur at weddings, your wedding planner is there with a plan B. From shifting the entire event to an indoor space in case of a sudden downpour to carrying the bride’s palanquin, we have seen wedding planners take on every role possible just to ensure smooth sailing of the wedding.

Experience is Everything

Professional advice given from wedding planners is vastly underrated as families tend to overlook their experience. But that doesn’t stop them. They will always tell you that these colors go better than those and add value to all your basic ideation and make it better with their experience. At the core, it would still be your choices, but envisioning it and making it see reality without failing will be their responsibility.


Less Stress

Last but not at all the least, you can sleep well during the nights leading to your wedding and even after, with a wedding planner by your side. As a wedding venue, we introduced an in-house wedding planning management because we understood the need of our guests and wished to make the experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

If you’d like to know what goes on, on the flip side of the coin, watch two of our wedding planners: Nisarga and Gaana talk about why they do what they do and their experience in planning weddings.

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