“Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale!”

“Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale!”

On 25th November 2018, Niranjan and I met at a popular Pan Asian Restaurant in Bangalore, and boy was it a memorable first date. We sat at Lunch for over 4 hours and it was amazing how free-flowing the conversation was. Deep down, I knew that I would definitely like to meet him again and get to know him better.

We met in a pretty traditional – arranged marriage set up where our Mothers connected with one another via a Matrimonial Site (Iyer Matrimony) and had our horoscopes matched, which subsequently led to our luncheon.

At that time I was residing in Bangalore and Niranjan was in Chennai. Post our first date, the consequent weeks were filled with phone calls and trips to hang out with each other before Niranjan went down on his knees on 30th December 2018 and asked me to marry him. He planned a beautiful proposal on the Beach and had hired a photographer to capture the truly special moment. It felt surreal given that we had just met a month before he popped the question. And I said ‘YES’ without a doubt in my mind.


I had a ton of ‘checkboxes’ in my head on what an Ideal Husband should be like, and once I met Niranjan I realized that what mattered the most were some really basic things. Was I comfortable with him? Did he have a strong value system? Was he respectful of me and my family? Does he have a liberal mindset?

It was also important that our families get along well for things to be smooth in the long run. It was a sheer bonus for me that he turned out to be a fantastic chef and a baker! 🙂


We got engaged in February 2019, in Chennai, with our close friends and family around. We were slated to get married in July. Niranjan was doing a course at IIM Bangalore at that time, and I would wait for his monthly course visits to Bangalore, to see him. Our courtship period was truly a beautiful time with fun dates in the IIM Bangalore cafeteria, pub hopping, dancing, movie nights, meeting each other’s friends, pre-wedding shoots, and sangeet practices. Those days were truly lovely, exciting, and filled with enjoyable moments.


Before deciding the venue for our wedding, we went back and forth on ideas including a plan of having a Destination Wedding, when we were recommended to have a look at Tamarind Tree close. The moment I went there with my parents, I was completely sold by the breathtaking venue and could not wait to see how the place would look decked up on D – Day. It was so rare to see a space so rustic, yet so elegant.


Our Wedding (14th – 15th July 2019) was out of fantasy for us. We were truly spellbound with the place once the Decor Team had done their bit. The location made for some wonderful photos that I deeply cherish. Tamarind Tree and the staff gave us such a happy positive vibe that I always look back at our Wedding with a Smile. We also had so many of our Guests calling us back and speaking richly about the Experience they had had.

“Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale..”

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