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Mayra Ceremony, a ritual most commonly found in Marwari weddings in India, is all about celebrating the bond between the maternal uncle and the bride or groom. A significant pre-wedding ritual that occurs in both the to-be-wed households, this ceremony is one where the maternal uncle comes bearing gifts to the bride or groom and their families Unveiling the Meaning of mayra ceremony Like most customs in

Griha Pravesha also called grihapravesam or housewarming/entering ceremony is the grand finale of a Hindu wedding celebration. This ritual marks the bride's entry as a newly married woman into her husband’s home. This ceremony has various rituals specific to different cultures, but the physical act of the bride entering her new home is constant. Read on as we provide an ultimate guide and a step-by-step

“Selecting a wedding dress is more than just a fitting. It’s a process- a memory in the making”- Olivelli Cape Town. Brides-to-be can undeniably relate to the above quote. Because finding “The Dress” is more than just a task on the to-do list. It is the promise of a beautiful beginning that tells the tale of a timeless love. While there are endless options for bridal shopping

        Born in the era of a technological boom, Generation Z has broken more social barriers and shattered more cultural ceilings than any other generation before. They have changed the way relationships are perceived, and how weddings are conducted. While Gen X fell in love through love letters and Gen Y was smitten through shy glances and secret meetings, Gen Z has been bold

In recent years, the world has become increasingly conscious of the impact of human activities on the environment. India is no exception, and more and more people are adopting eco-friendly lifestyles, including sustainable practices in the wedding industry. The trend towards eco-friendly weddings is on the rise in India, and for good reason. Weddings in India are known for their grandeur and extravagance, but with the

Modern Indian weddings are a lot different than the weddings that happened almost fifteen to twenty years ago. With a lot more options on the kind of clothing, options of theme based weddings, venues that aren’t one’s home but feels like none other, and decor that is perfect to be the next new thing trending in the industry, a lot about Indian weddings have changed. However,

When we plan a wedding, especially the big day, we meticulously plan out the outfits and our makeup. Everything is matched to perfection and even rehearsed! While we do like to go for a complete change of look when it comes to ourselves, how about the decor? Does it really complement our outfit’s theme shift? We remember once seeing the wedding photos of a beautiful couple