How to make the best use of your wedding planner.

How to make the best use of your wedding planner.

Congratulations on the engagement! If you thought the hardest part was over, you have a big surprise coming your way. A study conducted amongst 500 newly engaged couples showed that 71% of them thought that planning a wedding was more nerve-wracking than other major life events like finding a new job. We say this not to scare you, but to prepare you for what is to come. This is not yet another blog about why you should hire a wedding planner, but one that tells you how to make the best use of the one you have hired.

Tell Them Your Story

A wedding is a very emotional affair. It cannot be dealt with like a business project. A wedding is an amalgamation of the entire family’s plans. Just putting these plans as pointers and asking the planners to replicate them will not work. Invite the planners to have a cup of tea at home or make them meet members of your family in their office. Creating this bond with your family will allow the planners to incorporate this personal touch into each element of the planning. Having them understand why you want certain things in a certain manner will give them an extra motivation to make sure all your wishes are fulfilled. Tell them your story and make them a part of it so they can recreate it and tell it to the world.


Set Your Expectations And Their Deliverables Right

It is natural to have a fickle mind with the many decisions that come with planning a wedding. But having the planners know your final expectations gives them a clear border within which they can work. There are several chances of family members who have never met the planners ask for drastic change of plans. This puts the wedding planners in a fix because the couple or immediate family will not be available for consult at that moment. Therefore, knowing what deliverables of the planners and the rough percentage of changes they will be able to accommodate will give clarity to both parties.

Give Them The Liberty To Take Decisions And Trust Them

They weren’t kidding when they coined the term “Big Fat Indian Wedding”. The number of ceremonies, the guests and the countless number of tiny details involved can be extremely overwhelming. We give you a golden advice here: Don’t fret over small things. It is important to know what is happening in your wedding, but you can live your life without knowing where the second half of the third piece of clothing on the fourth ceremony backdrop is coming from. You’ve hired experts to do this job for you, trust that they will take the right decision and let go. If you wanted to micro manage the whole thing, then there is no point in having hired hiring professionals.


Remember that they are Experienced

It is close to impossible to find a wedding planner who does not love what they do. They get an adrenaline rush planning the minute details and coordinating the entire show.  It’s a win-win situation because they will enjoy planning the wedding and you will have your dream wedding without the hassles of planning it. But remember that they have done this process before. If they are suggesting against any plan of yours, understand that there is always a reason behind this. They come with experience in handling weddings and they know what goes well and what might spell trouble. Trusting them will gain their confidence and ensure a much better end result.


You may have chosen to go with the in-house wedding planner of your selected venue or a freelancer. Whatever may be the choice, having the above details in mind will assist you in forming a good relationship with the planners who will curate the wedding of your dreams.

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