Green / Eco-Friendly Wedding Guide

Green / Eco-Friendly Wedding Guide

New Trend in Wedding Decor!

Weddings are one of the most celebrated and looked-forward-to occasions in anyone’s life, and one of the most important things on a soon-to-be-married couple’s mind is the wedding decor. From the colors to the lights to the flowers to most important, the venue, there are many such tiny details that make a wedding event perfect. However, with a big wedding comes a lot of waste in the form of plastic bags, synthetic napkins, throwaway glasses, and decorative adornments too.

Why not jump on the bandwagon of being ecologically sound, and contribute in a small way to Mother Nature? While we certainly cannot do much about the lights and draperies, we can surely use a lot more flowers and even leaves to decorate a wedding venue.

Eco-friendly wedding décor is the latest trend catching up these days with the modern folks. The concept of ‘Green Wedding’ has become a go-to option and more couples these days are taking interest in showing concern for nature.

What’s more to it is that while the fresh flowers and natural products look astonishingly refreshing, it also comes at a price much cheaper than all the synthetic and artificial harmful decorative items being used in weddings. If you too are someone who wants to have an environmentally friendly wedding (p.s – it would surely put you in the limelight), then here are a few tips we have for an eco-friendly wedding.

Use paper decorative items

The paper decor is surely the in-thing about wedding decors off late. Paper flowers, paper streamers, origami, etc, there is a lot one can do with paper to make one’s wedding an eco-friendly one. It is biodegradable and recyclable without compromising on the looks of the decor. It is also safe for kids attending the wedding to play with. With paper, you could also get the exact color schemes you would want by going the extra mile to get them made to order. Paper napkins with the initials of the couple or the hashtag of the wedding can add a smart touch to marketing your wedding.

Designed and executed by With Love Nilma, captured by Shashank Issar Photography.

Stone art is something one must consider

Whoever loves nature loves all things natural and raw, especially stones. They are rough and tough and adding some stone art to a wedding is also an indirect indication of marriage holding its ground irrespective of the hardships faced. Some quaint ideas of adding stones to the wedding decor could be pebbles around the aisle or mandap, using them as holders in tabletops or as centerpieces adorning the corners of the venue. One could also make a makeshift fountain with some stones and flowing water. Ask your wedding planner and he/she will surely get the same done for you.

After gulping the wine, save the corks

A wedding venue decorated with corks can be a great choice for someone who loves the archetypal rusticness. Some ways to use corks in wedding decor is to use it as candle holders, or paint them in a variety of colours to make garlands to be put on the the walls. For the experimental ones, you could also use a collection of 5-6 corks joined together to make a base for a glass bowl filled with either just plain water or used to serve some snacks on the table.

Fresh flowers and leaves and even plants can add that edge to your wedding space

Flowers have been used in Indian weddings since ages. Traditionally, it was mostly flowers used to decorate the house of the couple getting married. While the trend still continues, there are many more ways to infuse the use of flowers and plants in your wedding decor. To add a touch of rusticness to your wedding decor using flowers, use dried versions of it. Pine cones and dried twigs make for very interesting decor.

Fresh green leaves compliment the flowers one would use in the decor. Use some ferns mixed with interesting lighting for a green effect and hue.

Planned by The Tamarind Tree Knots, captured by Merrygohearts.


Feathers add a light touch of sophistication as well as Bohemia to a modern wedding

If you have been a fan of the warm and sunny bohemian weddings then feathers should be in your list! They are natural and can be reused to decorate your own home after the wedding festivities get over. From colorful dreamcatchers to wall hangings made with feathers, there is a lot one can use feathers for. Ask your wedding planner for suggestions on using feathers as a wedding decor for a green wedding.

Here are just a few top-of-the-mind wedding decor ideas for a large eco-friendly wedding, but in case you have any more ideas that could add to the well-being of the environment on your big day, do leave a comment below and also speak to your wedding planner for the feasibility of it.

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