Experiencing Emotions – Best Man of Honour

Experiencing Emotions – Best Man of Honour

I looked up at the clear sky thanking my stars for the beautiful weather. It was ideal and I knew she would be pleased. The décor team seemed to understand my perfectionist sister a little too well as they had done a great job. I still walked around reviewing because I wanted this wedding to be nothing short of a fairytale. It had been one this morning and it truly looked like one now at the reception.

The twilight was gradually fading away and the lights from the hanging lanterns and bulbs were beginning to look like stars under the open sky. White and gold tablecloths stood out with candles and red roses at the center of each table. The wind carried slow music in the background. The whole setup had an antique classic finish to it. So much elegance and grace that each element spoke of her style and choice.


Ever since Tara and I were kids and attended weddings together, she’d always take a mental note of things we loved and hated so we would know what to incorporate in her wedding and mine when they arrived. So, all of what today had been, was a culmination of years of continuous planning. She had been adamant about having an open space venue. A reception under the stars, she used to say. She hated the confinement of walls of a closed space and she wanted a venue filled with trees and life. I had managed to get all that and add a touch of antiquity at this particular space. I had worked quite hard to satisfy the little girl who put a veil on her head and walked down the backyard in mom’s oversized shoes rehearsing for a day that was here 15 years later.

I had been having a battle with myself to figure out what to say for my toast tonight, as I just couldn’t seem to find the exact words. We had all been so excited with the celebrations, but only when the wedding ceremony was over, did I realize that my little sister was actually married. How do you describe this feeling? Knowing that my mornings wouldn’t begin with her loud banter from the kitchen, or not having someone to open the door when I came home at 3 am. It was so hard to digest the fact that she was moving out and into her new life in just two days. I had an emotional turmoil in my heart as I walked around greeting the guests and seating them as it was nearly time for the dinner to begin.

I glance up to find the man of the hour, and my brother from another mother, walk in. Karan and I had been the best of friends since the day we both got punished in 2nd grade for trying to see who could scream the loudest. We’d been inseparable ever since, two peas in a pod. Even though he had practically been family all my life, it felt good to know that he was officially my brother from today. I had not taken it well when I found out about Tara and Karan a few years ago.

I was so paranoid that if something went wrong between them, it would ruin the friendship that we had built over the years. I remember giving Karan a whole evening’s lecture about the Bro Code. But as time passed, it was evident to everyone on how they were the kind of couple you could imagine growing old together. It was such a heartfelt moment for me when they decided to get married and Karan asked me to be his Best Man while Tara felt that there was no one else she could imagine to be her Man of Honour.


As I now stood holding up my glass, with tables filled with people looking at me, I thank them for making it today and celebrating the union of these two wonderful souls.

“Dear Karan, my “brother of the bride” threats seem unnecessary on you. Without a doubt in my mind, I know that you’ll take care of her more than I could ever ask. But from the bottom of my heart I wish you luck to handle the drama that she brings along. And Tara, for all the terrible decisions you’ve made in life, this one isn’t your worst. Know that you’re always welcome back home, especially when it is Game Night at Karan’s. You cannot ruin that for me. To the best friend and the best sister I could have ever asked for:  They say love is being stupid together and I hope you do that forever” 

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