Paintings by Sucheta Misra

Paintings by Sucheta Misra

The Tamarind Tree is home to antique sculptures, mesmerising Tanjore’s and an eclectic collection of furniture, art and artefacts from around the world. It is our constant endeavour to promote art and artists. We are pleased to announce that we will be regularly exhibiting art by novice and veteran artists.

We are pleased to play host to art by Ms. Sucheta Misra, a Chennai- based artist who specialises in traditional forms of painting and watercolours. The paintings will be on view till 24th August, 2015.

“Sucheta lives in Chennai and had her schooling in the Besant Arundale School of the Kalakshetra Foundation. She took her B.A and M.A degrees in Fine Arts from the Stella Maris College in Chennai, specializing in Textile Design. She is presently working at Kalakshetra College in Chennai as a Lecturer in the College of Fine Arts. She tutors students from the senior classes in the Besant Arundale School and takes week-end art classes for children and adults at her residence.

In her paintings Sucheta employs mainly three styles, namely stylized water-colour, Tanjore and folk and Chinese Brush work.  As a traditional artist Sucheta has been always interested in and has tried to master the authenticity of each school- be it Madhubani, Gond, Warli, Kalamkari or the Tanjore style. Having had a training which was liberal in spirit, she has a respect for the traditional styles as well as for contemporary trends. The result of this is evident in all her works where she uses techniques and skills of the traditional Tanjore artist but at the same time her subjects are self created and contemporary. In this language she expresses herself as a traditional skilled artist venturing into a modern liberal style.

Sucheta is a self -taught water colour artist inspired by European water colours, Chinese ink work and Indian tempera. Her works have transparency and command both of the Western and Far East idioms. Her paintings are inspired by Nature and the tones in them are sensitive and subtle. In her paintings she aims at both the structural detail of the West and the grace of the East. In spite of the diversity of her areas of interest, she has retained the genuine characteristics of each tradition in her work.

The discipline, control, expertise and meditative quality of Chinese brush strokes are well known. The balance of black and white represents opposite forces as in the concepts of Yin and Yang. Sucheta was always attracted to Chinese ink and brush work. Except for attending a few workshops of Korean and Chinese masters, she is a self -taught artist in this genre .Her love for the form of the bamboo is evident in these paintings. She handles the spaces and plays with the blacks and whites with confidence.

Sucheta has worked with architects who have commissioned her to do murals and paintings for the interiors of the buildings designed by them.”

 -Nalini Jayaram

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Paintings by Sucheta Misra


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