How to deal with postponement of your wedding!

How to deal with postponement of your wedding!

In the wake of COVID – 19, many couples and families have had to take the harsh decision of having to postpone their wedding. Though the pain it comes with is inevitable, you know in your heart that it is a wise decision to consider the health of your family and guests.

In everyone’s life, there has been a phase where they have dreamt and imagined how their wedding would be. We’ve all waited for that day to arrive, but it’s just going to be a tad bit longer now. You know how they say the food tastes better when you’re hungry? Maybe this applies to weddings as well! The celebration will be merrier, and the unison of the couple, more romantic! This is just our way of looking at the whole situation as a glass half full. As the condition all around us seems uncertain, here are a few guidelines to help you get through this.

If you have decided to postpone your wedding, remember that the first people you inform should be your vendors. Keep them reassured that the wedding isn’t cancelled, and that their service would definitely be need, but at a later date. They might have a cancellation fee if you cancel their services entirely, but a postponement fee might be lighter on your wallet. Keep in mind that they too, have lost out on all their business this wedding season and having them in your good books might reap great benefits when the wedding day finally arrives.

The second most important set of people you should contact next are your guests. We cannot stress this further. Call them. You can convey the message personally and also check on how they are doing in such troubled times. You can of course make “Change the Date” cards or send customized messages, but along with these, a personal call will go a long way as these are the people who you want around you when you say, “I do”.

If your event does not fall in the dates of the government-imposed lockdown, and you’re still not sure of what to do, we’ll give you some reasoning to help your decision. Along with emotional stress of postponement, the financial loss can be quite high during such a time.

So, the longer you take to inform your vendors, the more costs would be incurred as they would have purchased supplies for your event. Considering that lockdowns globally are being declared for an undefined period of time, it is a high risk to keep your decision pending if your wedding is not far away. In the case of postponement, you will be able to avail a change of date easily, if done early. If not, finding the property free for another date of your choice could be a challenge.

All we need in such times is belief that it’ll all be okay. Nothing lies in our hands and we will have to wait it out together but in the comfort of our own homes.

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