Make Trees Your Decor Buddy This Wedding Season

Make Trees Your Decor Buddy This Wedding Season

Flowers are gorgeous, they smell great and look aesthetic. But have we forgotten how authentic and beautiful a full-grown tree can look at your wedding venue?

From creating a more intimate space to hide the no-so-pretty stuff (like speakers and wires), here’s how you can use Trees to do up your wedding décor.

For A Traditional and Spacious Vibe

Trees are not only a great way to make an outdoor event feel like its grand, but it can help create a perception of an indoor event being large and spacious. Using the tree can also help you re-define the space and create a more intimate feel.




An Original Centerpiece

Trees may not be your first option, but it indeed is a great option. It adds a wow-factor at your ceremony with some show-stopping details. For instance, if you love fully grown Japanese Cherry Blossoms or just add a faux tree with lights hanging on to it, an original centrepiece is ready with minimal hassle. This will give your ceremony or the wedding day a truly unique touch. You could also choose a venue with ample trees to even make the work lesser!

Light It Up!

Adapted across various venues and resort properties, getting the right kind of light wrapped around the tree or simply hanging well-lit lanterns can be a massive gamechanger and a photo op. You can also uniquely deck them up with cascading terrariums holding fairy lights or candles for a dreamy effect.




For All The Garden feels

If your wedding or a ceremony is happening in a closed space, revamp your indoor wedding into the ultimate garden party with some strategically placed trees! This could be customized according to your theme or simply have the original green and brow to it. Or you could simply choose an outdoor wedding venue and the garden feels for real!

A Multi-purpose Cover-Up

The speakers, the tents poles, beams – all these are way too distracting for a guest. You can simply use trees to help camouflage them. Trees on either side of the stage can double up as a canopy and make it an aesthetic prop. All the messy and less pretty stuff like wires can be wrapped around them and no one will even notice. Win-win, right?

Zero Hassle Backdrop

Forget about all the faux flower backdrops, get your setup near or in front of a full-grown tree. No need to spend a ton of dough on ceremony flowers if your venue is full of natural beauty already! Our venue has gorgeous trees making it a perfect backdrop for a ceremony, which means you don’t need to bring in an arch or anything else, but instead can use the tree and decorate it. You can also use trees to line entrances and frame an aisle to a ceremony. Pretty awesome, right?



The ways to decorate and amplify the sheerness of tress are plenty. Pick your theme, speak to your planner and make a statement with a tree or two.

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