Weddings – Pandemic Edit

Weddings – Pandemic Edit

India’s $50 billion industry has taken quite a hit due to the global crisis of COVID-19. There have been several wedding conventions that have evolved since the inception of the pandemic, all for our own good. Not only has the mask now become a piece of designer clothing, but the overall concept of The Big Fat Indian Wedding has reduced drastically. As we look forward to a brighter future in the wedding industry, we noted some changes that we as a wedding venue and wedding parties alike have had to make to accommodate the virus.

Size of the Wedding
The most obvious change has been the reduction in the size of the wedding. The task of figuring out who to include in the guest list and who not to, is excruciating. Considering that the culture of asking guests to RSVP is still new in our culture, it’s nearly impossible to have a final list of people who might end up at the wedding.


Small Alteration in Celebrations:

Though the dancing isn’t lesser now, social distancing norms definitely reduce the number of people dancing. Due to the situation, wedding parties are now trying to reduce the number of outside vendors needed and are making do with the resources available within the family. Welcoming guests, iPhone photography and choreography, etc. are now assigned to the multi-talented cousins in the family.


Segregation of the Crowd:

Traditional Indian weddings with all customs involved would sprawl across days. With evolving times, we have made these customs work with our schedules and the same goes now. Some families are now inviting a separate section of guests to each wedding ceremony so that there is no overlap of people and that the overall count is low. Customs that can be skipped and performed in the presence of close family is done without big pomp and show.

Change in Plating Up:

Food in a wedding is the most unforgettable element and without a doubt, most wedding parties nail it. But certain guests might attend the wedding and not have the meal as it is one of the places where there is a high risk of contamination. Providing sections of food like desserts to go in fancy boxes is a new trend around the corner.

Live Weddings:

Though the concept of virtual weddings has existed before to help the overseas family be a part of the ceremonies, it is now an uncommon feature in weddings. One advantage is that there is no limit to the number of people who will say that they were right next to you when you got married.

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