A Comprehensive Guide to the Groom’s Wedding Outfit

We can bet a lot of men find it unfair that there are so many articles all over the internet churning out some clever hacks and tricks for the Indian bride, but there isn’t half as much for them men, a.k.a the Groom. Well, we took notice of the lack and came up with our first series of a comprehensive guide to the groom’s wedding outfit - how to choose an attire.

Now there are quite a few options, from dressy to simplistic, that a groom can opt for his wedding outfit. It depends on the theme, the place, the mood, and of course the main man’s personal style. Without much ado, let’s get on to understanding the different kinds of attire a groom can opt for on his big day:

The Much Loved Sherwani!

Sherwanis are the most preferred attire for an Indian wedding with it being a hit in most parts of India, and why not? They are available in plenty and everywhere, they come in many different styles to choose from, gives a royal look without having to try too hard, and lets you hog the same amount of spotlight as your wife. For someone who likes a little more fitted attires, opt for an achkan instead. They are a little shorter in length than a sherwani. While sherwanis are more flared from the waist down, achkans are more trimmed, giving one a more compact masculine look.
Types of Sherwani - Jodhpuri Sherwani, Achkan style sherwani, Pakistani Sherwani, Angrakha Sherwani, Anarkali Sherwani and Jacket Style Sherwani.


Western or Indo-Western.

It isn’t written in any rule book that Indian weddings need to have the couple wearing traditional outfits only. Some of the most beautiful weddings has a touch of western in it to make it more inclusive. (Read - your beau not being an Indian National). Tuxedos and suits will never go out of fashion when it comes to an occasion but one has to keep in mind that it goes with the theme. It certainly won’t make for a seamless vision to the eye of your wife is in a lehenga or traditional wear while you are all decked up dapper. If that be the case, show off your dapper side to the world on the day of your reception. That way, the both of you will be happy, and get to wear what you heart wants to on your big day.


A Classy Bandhgala.


Bandhgalas have been all the rage off late. From shirts to suits to kurtas to even sherwanis, the bandhgala is a cult favourite of many men. A bandhgala can be worn over any outfit and make it look glamorous at the word go! Be it the groom or the groom’s close aides, vouch by this to make you look like a walking dream. Choose from either a woven one or a velvet one for the ultra royal look.
Types of Bandhgalas - Nehru Jacket, Sherwanis, Kurtas, Shirts, etc.


Any Versatile Kurta.


Kurtas are known for its versatility and one can never go wrong with it. If you are short on time or find the whole range of options available too confusing, or you are someone who likes to keep things as simple as possible, then a Kurta for your wedding is what you should go for. Pair it with a Nehru jacket or throw on a classy dupatta, or even a safa to complete your wedding look. Juttis are a great pairing for your kurtas as it adds that touch of royal tradition.
Types of Kurta - Embroidered kurta, bandhgala kurta, silk kurta, dhoti kurta, pathani kurta, layered kurta, etc.


The Perfect Regional Touch


Tradition can never go out of style. No matter what fashion comes and goes, there is a feel that traditional outfits give at a wedding that no modern, designer outfits will give. It’s the connection we feel with our history, the link to keep us rooted. Hence, when starting a new phase of life we should try and bring part of our tradition with us in the form of rituals, places, and even clothes. Every region of India has its own set of traditional wear and while it can be overwhelming, it is also a way to know more about the rich culture of one’s own.
Types of traditional wedding attire - South Indian dhoti and silk shirt, Punjabi kurta pyjama or suit, Jodhpuri suits, silk kurta and dhoti in the East, Gujarati kediyu and chorno, etc.


Now that you have a guide to follow before you head out to buy your coveted wedding outfit, you can decide on the kind of style you want to donn and then get on with searching for the perfect attire. There are a lot of brands to choose from, including online. But we suggest brick and mortar stores so you get to do the trials and make changes accordingly. Plus, it’s more reliable offline than online as wedding outfits don't come cheap and you wouldn't want to be sent with a damaged product causing you anxiety at the last moment.