The Monsoon Wedding at The Tamarind Tree - Arpita and Shreyes

Life can be unpredictable, but sometimes, wishes do come true.

A young woman set her eyes on a heritage site that she would tie the knot in and start a new life. It was just a wish. Little did she know that it would eventually come true, because there is nothing that a parent wouldn't do to make their child’s wish come true, especially if a single girl child.


Meet Arpitha, a Tamarind Tree bride, who walked into the boulevard of The Tamarind Tree one fine day in July 2017. Her wedding was slated to take place in September 2018, one year and two months from the time she visited. One week later, she booked the place. Two months later comes in Shreyes, her fiance, to see the venue his beautiful to-be-bride chose for themselves. He loved it, but the impending rains made him question their decision of the season of wedding, wanting to postpone it by six whole months! The management at The Tamarind Tree assured them that nothing could ruin their big day, least of all mother nature. And the rest can be seen in their wedding pictures.


The rains could not dampen the celebration. With the yellow theme adding the right pop of colour in the otherwise damp season, Arpitha and Shreyes’ wedding at The Tamarind Tree was a homely affair never to be forgotten.

Marigold flowers everywhere, the venue looked like sunset throughout the day. All of Shreyes’ doubts were put to rest and it is evident from the smile he had on throughout the day. For once, the groom needed more convincing than the bride, and we are not complaining!

The one day affair may not seem like the most extravagant when seen in pictures, but the happiness on the faces of the bride, the groom and the relatives spoke more than the pictures could. The Tamarind Tree looked like an Indian fairytale venue, the smell of happiness filled the air and the sound of laughter echoed all around.

Aren’t there a lot of us like Arpitha, who knows how and where her wedding would be, irrespective of when the dates are set?


The Tamarind Tree was honored to host the families of Arpitha and Shreyes, and we thank them for their heartwarming testimonial.

“We would like to thank each and everyone from the management and staff for all the help and smooth and successful completion of the event. We extend our gratitude for the same. We loved how the beauty of the place was maintained at all times. The staff were mainly responsible for this, they cleaned the venue all the time and without being visible, that's truly amazing. We appreciate the fact that everything that was promised was delivered and much more to our expectation.
Also the response to any problem or issue was immediate. All the guests were very happy with the venue as care is given to the minute details and the property is maintained beautifully. Another amazing part of the team is that the staff and the management is very accommodative and flexible and give importance to fulfilling the guest's requests which is very important in this industry. The team treated us and the event as a personal one and not commercial.
Thanks to everyone again ❤ Kudos to the team !”