Through her eyes

It has rained the night before. The leaves glisten like emeralds, the frangipani falls softly on the wet earth and the kalyani is brimming with water. Nandi sits majestically observing the hustle and bustle of the wedding party. Reminiscing and giggling the ladies are engrossed in drawing intricate kollams on the stone steps. Traditional Tanjore pillars are bedecked with turmeric yellow and orange marigold and fresh mango leaves. Pearls of mallige, lotus blooms and brass bells are strung around the mantapa. The air is resplendent with the fragrance of wet mud, camphor, sandalwood and flowers.

The bride sits shyly in her liquid gold and ruby red Kanjeevaram and her striking temple jewelry-kasin saramangamalaivadannam and kadas. She observes herself in the mirror through her large, kohl-rimmed eyes as the bridesmaids arrange rows of mallige in her long, jewel-encrusted jadde. Peals of laughter come floating across the stone paved courtyard. The butterflies in her stomach are slightly eased as Ajji gives her a warm hug. She looks perfect.

As she walks towards the mantap, she boldly looks in to the groom's eyes. He looks at her, spell bound. The mother of the bride quietly dabs away her eyes brimming with happy tears; the air is filled with the notes of the nadaswaram as he ties the thalli around her neck. She peeks at him looking down at her with eyes full of love and hope.

Nestled amongst 5 acres of lush green trees and flowering bushes, The Tamarind Tree offers the perfect setting for such priceless memories. Located in a quiet neighbourhood in Bengaluru, The Tamarind Tree has large, open spaces dotted with innumerable antique sculptures, charming wooden furniture and hand picked paintings. A refreshing change from the clamor of city life, the space transports you into a dreamy, magical world.

Two intimate suites with open- to- the- sky bathrooms, four-poster beds and antique mirrors render a wonderful old world charm.

An indoor Koi fishpond and an alluring courtyard in The Bungalow offer the perfect weekend getaway. The Tamarind Tree pays homage to the vast cultural heritage of India and to  different parts of the world.

Dusk is a special time at The Tamarind Tree; the trees gently dance in the wind, the sky turns from purple to inky blue dotted with quietly sparkling stars. Fairy lights along the pond and the multi-hued glass windows of the Sheesh Mahal Pavilion dazzle the onlooker. The Bandstand with its antique, intricately designed pillars is lined on either side with large semi-open pavilions and a flourishing lawn. Carved wooden doors, stone pathways and the moon peeking through the leaves beckon you to step into another world.

We at The Tamarind Tree invite you to take a step back, take a deep breath and find your moment of absolute inner quietude.