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Home to the finest collection of art, antiques, and eclectic stories of india's glorious past.

Step into a world of creativity and innovation at The Tamarind Tree, where artistry meets inspiration. Explore captivating displays, interact with thought-provoking installations, and immerse yourself in a showcase of talent from around the globe. Discover, engage, and be inspired.


Boasting one of the biggest and most pioneering non-contemporary spaces in the city, you are invited to come and express your creativity at The Tamarind Tree. Be it recognised or young, feature your artwork and indulge in a visually and spiritually unique experience.


Old, new, specialty, homemade, direct sell - everything you can think of all under one roof! Come, host, and indulge in a unique stalling and shopping experience. With shops ranging from jewellery, health, beauty, clothing, sporting, and convenience stores to specialist stores not found anywhere else, this is a treat to your senses.


Combining the glamour and heritage of India, The Tamarind Tree is excited to host all your jewellery shows equipped with the latest technology and uniquely flexible space.


With our extensive knowledge of market sectors, we are offering our historic properties to buyers who are known to favour such venues for their important occasions, whether it be meetings, product launches, or trade shows.

Your Journey into Creativity Begins here.

Escape to the past, to an amphitheatre under the stars, The Tamarind Tree is a place where the old, the new, and someplace magical are crafted into an exquisite tapestry. Welcoming antique doorways lead you into traditional courtyards, interwoven by cobble-stoned pathways. Frangipani blooms against the filigreed Bandstand. Elegant pavilions and panoramic beauty. Surrender to the charm of The Tamarind Tree.

Nestled in a five-acre garden of beautiful trees including the original tamarind tree after which it was named, a natural pond, a colonial Bandstand, elegant pavilions, and ample open spaces, The Tamarind Tree is a place like none other.

From green aisles to granite alters, fluid open spaces, lush green lawns, and hidden nooks and corners for intimate conversations to spill over. Two large kitchen spaces with a very special Sheesh Mahal bar and ample food counter space, comfortably accomodate up to 1000 guests. We also have a grand guest house and two villas that can accomodate up to 25 guests. Engulfed in the midst of tropical gardens, the villas feature luxurious bedrooms, open-to-sky bathrooms, verandahs, outdoor seating, lotus pond courtyards, large water urns, a unique collection of art, antique furniture, and collectibles, The Tamarind Tree compels us to slow down.

Our Spaces

From green aisles to granite alters, fluid open spaces, lush green lawns, hidden nooks and corners for intimate conversations to spill over.


Beneath the tamarind tree, the soul of the place, lies a natural pond. Old temple steps surround, and a watchful Basava looks upon it.


The Colonial Bandstand is the central wedding arena. A mandapa surrounded by pillars from an India gone by.


The Bride and Groom suites are perfect serene spaces for the couple to find stillness in the midst of their exciting wedding.


A large bungalow with four plush heritage suites, a lotus pond verandah, and innumerable collectibles.


The Rangastala or Vishnu Mantapa is an enclosed private space that allows for smaller group gatherings. With a Vishnu sculpture at its center, this space blooms amidst the beauty of pure bliss.


A space that completely transports you to the times when you played in the courtyards of your ancestral home. With rooms oozing heritage and tradition and an intricately crafted mantap, the four pillars of the mantap represent the four important aspects of human life- Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha – that the newly married husband and wife uphold in their life together.