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Every event experience is hand-curated by us keeping in mind your comfort. The Tamarind Tree is a perfect venue for hosting your business meetings in Bangalore. The apt environment for inspiring your attendees in a refreshing space.

Our corporate event venue at The Tamarind Tree, Bangalore, is curated to meet all your corporate needs. Apart from these we also host workshops, press releases, and NRI meets. Not to forget that it makes a splendid location for team outings in Bangalore.


If you feel your corporate workshops are missing the mark, it could very well be because the venues you're using just aren't as inspiring as your tip-top presentation. With one of the most striking designs, the space offers a versatile selection of state-of-the-art private event and conference spaces, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


While planning a product launch, we understand the need of the company to raise the product image well above its competitors and create a permanent mark on the minds of the people through the launch. Host your product launch events in Bangalore with the sophistication and elegance that The Tamarind Tree offers. The choice of venue for staging the event can make or break the entire product launch.


Unusual conference venues drive interest and boost attendee engagement. A great space inspires people to do more. We boast everything from a historic, renowned venue twined with a myriad of rooms to green open spaces that are purpose-built for modern seminars and conferences. Organize your events at The Tamarind Tree conference halls to get the inspiration that you are looking for.


A stunning display of elegant Indian architecture blended with contemporary aesthetics, The Tamarind Tree is ideal for any press launch event that is determined to be the highlight in each page.


From lush green environs with a slice of history to the vintage ambiance of antiquity, The Tamarind Tree with its stunning scenery keeps your senses soaked in bliss. For sharing new thoughts and ideas, the venue is an ideal place for NRI meets.


Organising a conference, meeting, or training event can be challenging enough without the added headache of trying to find the perfect venue. If your meeting or event needs to include a unique and memorable venue, The Tamarind Tree is here for you. Look no further and book the trailblazing conference hall in Bangalore.


The Tamarind Tree is a spectacular and unique event showplace with an indie-style classical interior and a versatile setting. Open to hosting large events that can accommodate over 1000 floating crowds, this is one of the city’s most wholly unique and flexible venues for bringing people together – to be inspired and entertained.


There is an undeniable sense of freedom and relaxation when you leave your workplace and put the traffic, noise, and bustle of your daily surroundings behind. An interesting backdrop can spark innovation and collaboration in ways that the familiar surroundings of the workplace will not.


There are times when moving out of your regular meeting space enhances both the meeting and the results you achieve. It is even more essential when you are doing strategic planning that requires a different level of thinking or innovation. To enhance your next key strategic meeting, and the results you achieve, The Tamarind Tree takes the privilege to host you with a well-equipped conference hall in Bangalore.

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Not just the weddings, we got your back with corporate events too.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the tranquility of our scenic surroundings. Our venue provides the perfect setting for corporate retreats, offering opportunities for team-building activities, strategic planning sessions, and relaxation in a serene environment conducive to focus and innovation