Home to the finest collection of art, antiques,
and eclectic stories of India's glorious past.

Movie Screening.jpg

Movie Screening

The outdoor space at The Tamarind Tree is a private movie house of opulence. Whether it’s the latest film blockbuster or a screening of a classic movie, talk to us about how we can create a memorable event for you at this space.



Music festivals

For outstanding music experiences, immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of The Tamarind Tree in spectacular settings. A place where you can contemplate starry skies over the passionate songs of your favourite singers and shamanic throat singing by Sufis.

Sport screening.jpg

Sports screening

The place houses beautifully adorned outdoor screening rooms apt for watching sports events, concerts or your favourite televised award ceremonies. The venue’s private adorned rooms are some of our favourites owing to their effortless aesthetics!


Award functions

From majestic spaces for large scale events, to smaller historic spaces for award ceremonies, our heritage outdoor spaces at The Tamarind Tree is the right venue to make your special day a memorable one.


From green aisles to granite alters, fluid open spaces, lush green lawns,
hidden nooks and corners for intimate conversations to spill over.



Beneath the tamarind tree, the soul of the place, lies a natural pond. Old temple steps surround, and a watchful Basava looks upon it.


The Colonial Bandstand is the central wedding arena. A mandapa surrounded by pillars from an India gone by.


The Bride and Groom Villas are perfect serene spaces for the couple to find stillness in the midst of their exciting wedding.


A large bungalow with four plush heritage suites, a lotus pond verandah, and innumerable collectibles.