Flowers in your Wedding Decoration.

Flowers in your Wedding Decoration.

Now that you already know about the different types of flowers you can use to decorate your wedding based on your personality, it’s time to get out a check list with ways to use fresh flowers in your wedding decoration.

The Wedding Mantap

The first thing that would pop up in anyone’s mind when it comes to using flower decoration in a wedding is on the wedding mandap. There are many designs and patterns to choose from and you can be as experimental as you like while keeping in mind that it doesn’t overshadow the couple.


Curtains Made Of Flowers

Curtains have always played an important role in creating an illusion of space. Weddings that happen on open grounds or huge halls do need to have some sort of separating element such that the event looks organised. What better way than to use flower curtains to softly mark the territories?


Reception Stage Decorated With Fresh Blooms

Reception stage decor have always been known to exude grandeur. Adding floral extensions to your seats or doing up the back wall with many a flowers will add that touch of sophistication to your special day.

Use a Floral Swing as a Photo Booth

Photo booths are a craze, and so are swings! How about bringing the both together to relive the childhood memories surrounded by the complete families? A giant swing with flowers at the sides would definitely make for the highlight of the wedding (second only to the couple of course!).


Flowers by The Wedding Aisle

It’s rather easy to get a wedding decor that is breezy even during the most hectic hours. Hang strings of flowers over the aisle for that breezy look. When you look back at the photos and videos of the bridal entry, you will thank us!

Use them as Table Centrepieces


Bouquets or flower arrangement, Table tops look the most elegant with a hint of flora to it.


Decorate Diyas and Lamps with Colorful Flowers


It isn’t unseen of diyas being laced with marigold flowers on special occasions. With the change in the styles of diyas, you could also experiment with changing the flowers that lace it. A little bit of heat to the petals also emanates the floral essence, acting as a freshener.

Go for a Bohemian Style Beach Wedding

If it is a beach wedding, it has to have flowers in it. Aisles, mandal, chairs, table tops, canopy – everything that is used to decorate the wedding can have flowers in it.

Use Wooden Photo Frames with Floral Decor

Wooden frames make for a rustic photography prop. It also adds a touch of retro vintage to your wedding decor. Adding some strategically placed flowers on your wooden photo frame is a nice soft touch to the otherwise wooden texture.

Wrap Flowers on Staircases and Pillars

Wedding & Reception Candid pictures

Pillars and staircases make for the easiest corners to use flowers to decorate. Wrap a few garlands around the railing of your staircase, hang a few from the ceiling above the pillars surrounding it, or line the steps with flower pots, no matter how you like it, flowers will add that much needed touch of festive in your wedding!

In Conclusion,

Flowers are a timeless and versatile choice for wedding decorations that can enhance the beauty of any wedding. The Tamarind Tree, a wedding venue in Bangalore, emphasizes the importance of flowers in creating a beautiful wedding ambiance.

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