The Rise of Gen Z Weddings: How Zoomers are Redefining Marriage

The Rise of Gen Z Weddings: How Zoomers are Redefining Marriage



Born in the era of a technological boom, Generation Z has broken more social barriers and shattered more cultural ceilings than any other generation before. They have changed the way relationships are perceived, and how weddings are conducted. While Gen X fell in love through love letters and Gen Y was smitten through shy glances and secret meetings, Gen Z has been bold enough to catch feelings over screen swipes.

Each one, an influencer in his/her own right, this generation is known for its eccentricity and its need to question all things around them. They grew up by being connected and curious about the world while being completely isolated and filled with information from all around, turning them into a multicultural breed of humans.

Now, As Gen Z Couples are tying the knot, they have been rewriting the rules of wedding traditions. From incng sustainable weddings, and gender inclusivity to technology in their celebrations, Gen Z has sorted their way to be different from the rest.



Tradition to them, is what they create, and not what was created.

In the age of monarchy, marriage was considered a tool to build relationships between two kingdoms. As we moved on, it came to be between two cities and two towns and eventually came around to be a tie between two families. Now, marriage is seen as a union of two people, everyone else comes after. We have seen a large shift in the trend of couples leading the wedding scene versus parents doing so like in the previous generation. It doesn’t come as a surprise if the couple comes married and then informs the families.

Weddings and the ceremonies conducted have also undergone quite a lot of alterations. From weddings going fully virtual in the COVID epoch such as the Zoom weddings that was popular in 2021, new-age couples don’t see the need to involve larger crowds or do grander parades at weddings. Smaller intimate weddings are preferred where more attention to detail can be given to the couple and the experiences of the guests.

Embracing diversity and gender roles has come to be crucial for Gen Z weddings by opting for gender-neutral weddings. Best Man and Maid of Honour are becoming Best Woman and Man of Honor, involving close friends and family to stand next to them, regardless of gender.

Moreover, statistics suggested that GenZ is more woke in terms of reducing its carbon footprint by integrating the use of sustainable products or eco-friendly use of its resources. In the end, it is what they create, and not what is created breaks all norms of traditional wedding planning.



Going deeper into wedding planning and using storytelling in the process of planning the décor and the clothing is seen as a growing trend in the industry. The traditional colors and methods are thrown out the window along with any rule book that determines the norms of a wedding, and more contemporary customs are being incorporated. Through redefining Bridal Fashion by going for unconventional styles customized to their personality, most of the attires now worn are a combination of vintage and retro that make a bold statement that Gen Z does not shy on. Whilst some are exploring embroidered statements on their gowns, and sarees, on the other hand, Brides are opting to wear custom-designed sneakers with their heavy attire, and grooms prefer bold vibrant colors intricately designed.

“Experiential weddings” that create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for not just the couple, but also the guests are what the Gen Z choose for their big day!

Gone are the days of exchanging vows and ending the day with a good meal for the guests. Couples are now trying to inculcate weddings that leave a lasting impression. An upcoming trend that we all have witnessed is the couple entering the venue with a grandiose display of fireworks.




From using Social Media to create a teaser for their guests to be spellbound, to using hashtags of the duo’s names combined, technology has played a powerful role in today’s world. Following the diversity and inclusion, couples of different cultures have invoked the fusion of both cultures in their wedding ceremonies, making sure both sides have not left out on any ritual.

Similarly, the use of interactive elements has been a recurring trend, such as Photobhoots, interactive food stations (like make your own pizza ), and other interactive games to keep the guests tuned. Wedding Merch has also been slowly streaming up to promote Gen Z weddings for the Gram. Furthermore, Disposable Polaroid photos have seen a very uprising curve to keep long-lasting memories for family and guests to create nostalgic sense of the event to take home .These trends curate a extraordinaire for everyone celebrating the wedding.

To sum up, though Gen Z consumes more time online then most generations, they definitely have provided more enthusiasm in curating new experiences .As this new age of weddings come to rise, we can surely notice the more creative and innovative form of weddings to take note of.


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