Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue!

This is a traditional wedding rhyme that most of us have heard before and traditions are at the heart of everything that happens at The Tamarind Tree. It might be a local custom from the heart of India or one that originated in England in the Victorian era.

This rhyme that we talk of today originated as a convention in England. These are things to be given to the bride before the wedding for her good luck. The original rhyme goes like this:

Something old,

Something new

Something borrowed

Something blue,

and a Sixpence in your shoe.





The conventional practice is that every bride should have each of the above elements as a part of her wedding. In case you have missed this from your list, The Tamarind Tree will ensure that you don’t miss the tradition at your wedding.



Something Old represents continuity from the bride’s past life to what lies ahead. It acts as a symbolic knot between what’s old and what’s to come. At The Tamarind Tree, you can have a wedding ritual under the 400 years old Stone Mantapa, or do a photo shoot amidst the scores of trees, the king of which – the tamarind tree itself – is 350 years old. History is a hallmark of our property/ and we can assure you that at every turn you take at the , there will be something that tells a tale.




Something New is the future that lies ahead and represents hope and positivity. At our property, something new is your story. Having been the place where a countless number of new stories have begun, we cherish the role we play in your forever after. The chapter of life that you begin at The Tamarind Tree will be something new!



Something Borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness. They say that if the bride has something borrowed at the wedding, the ‘evil eye’ will get confused and the bride is saved, as luck and happiness are transferred to her from someone else. It also represents the sense of support and encouragement that the family or friends will always provide for the bride. The Tamarind Tree was once a home and then a restaurant until it came about to what it is today. A less known fact is that most of the artifacts at the property have been collected from various parts of India. Each of the pillars, each wall, and all our antiques bring in histories borrowed from all over the country to form one of our own. They now hold stories of joy, excitement, anxiety, and love from events that they have been a part of. And we truly believe that these borrowed stories will transfer luck and happiness to your wedding.


Something Blue represents purity, love, and fidelity. Like the pure blue of water, the Kalyani or Pond symbolises this in our weddings. You can also choose to get married in the open air beneath the blue sky in the lovely summer breeze. Under a clear sky with love in the air, nature also gets to be a part of the celebrations!




Last but not least in the piece of poetry is the sixpence in her shoe. This is for the bride as a wish for good fortune and prosperity in her life to come. Though it might be quite a challenge to find a British coin in our part of town, we count the blessings of your family as a symbolic representation of the fortune and prosperity of your future.

And If you still feel that symbolic meanings aren’t enough and you need all these elements in the wedding, all you’ve got to do is give the team of Tamarind Tree a call as they’ve been known to go out of their way to ensure that their brides and grooms have the wedding of their dreams!

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