Pyaar dosti hai.. | Neeraja & Nitesh |

Pyaar dosti hai.. | Neeraja & Nitesh |

*Tring Tring*

*Tring Tring*

Neeraja: Hello? Hi Niteshaa!

Nitesh: Listen, I heard your parents are looking to get you married. Is it true?

Neeraja: Yeah, man. There’s a guy from the US that they really like also. He’s nice and all but I really don’t want to move out of Bengaluru! I don’t know what to do.

Nitesh: I know. Marry me.

Remember when Ms. Braganza asked us – “Pyaar kya hai?” and ever so sincerely Rahul replied – “Pyaar dosti hai..” ? Well, this love story is based on similar lines. It is said that finding true love first constitutes of finding a true friend.

*Flashback to 7 years ago*

In a beautiful town called Bengaluru, a happy-go-lucky boy named Nitesh and a cheerful bubbly girl named Neeraja became friends. While he spent most of his time making people laugh, she spent most of hers with her mouth wide open- laughing! This and their uncommon interest towards current affairs made them friends naturally. And as they say that the true friendship is revealed during the hardest of times, these two sailed through the hardships of Chartered Accountancy and built the strongest of bonds in this process.

But little did our heroine know that through this long journey of friendship, our hero had fallen, fallen hard for her. He had always been her confidante, a friend in need until news came that her family was scouting for a groom for her. And so, in a heroic gesture, he made THE phone call. After convincing her that this was not a joke and that he really did like her and wanted to marry her, it didn’t take him long to win her over. Having known him as a best friend, she knew the kind-hearted and responsible boy that he was; And quoting Rahul again: “pyaar dosti hai

After taking a year to convince her orthodox Brahmin parents and falling further in love with her beau, Neeraja finally got into planning the wedding of her dreams. Having followed The Tamarind Tree on social media for a while, she desired to get hitched there though felt it might be out of their budget. But she couldn’t give up without visiting the property once. So, on a sultry May evening, she dragged her reluctant mother and sister to see The Tamarind Tree.

Picture this: Three women from a conservative background visit the property on a day of an event. A first-year birthday of the child of a political leader. The entire venue was filled with inebriated men waltzing and conversing in unpleasant language. It was a huge task for team TT to make the women see the pure property, without all the adulterations. Nevertheless, the team’s hard work paid off and The Tamarind Tree floored Neeraja’s family.


With 9 months to plan the fairy tale wedding, Neeraja turned into a wedding planner, giving attention to every element. Nitesh being a very supportive fiancé, gave in to all the whims and fancies of the bride. Along with the help of team TT, the post-Valentine’s Day wedding spanning over three days with multiple rituals held at multiple spaces of The Tamarind Tree, Neeraja, and Nitesh’s wedding was one to remember. She came back with continuous testimonials that even her guests shared about how The Tamarind Tree wedding was an experience of a lifetime.

Here’s what they had to say :

“I got married at The Tamarind Tree on the 18th of February,2018. My then-fiance was spellbound by this place and wanted to have her dream wedding there. I’m so glad we chose this venue as her wish was fulfilled. The property is so beautiful and hardly needs decoration, hence does not burn a hole in your pocket! The villa houses such intricate elements from different places and times. We had different ceremonies in different spaces of The Tamarind Tree. The first time we felt the distance was a bit but got transformed into a whole new world once we entered inside. 5 full stars for the experience that the whole team gave us.”

The Tamarind Tree was a dream come true for me and my husband. The venue helped me have a divine wedding. We had guests calling us back and complimenting the venue and the wedding. This wouldn’t have been possible without the team of The Tamarind Tree. They were extremely hospitable and friendly. I would strongly recommend The Tamarind Tree for a hassle-free wedding”

The Tamarind Tree became so close to Neeraja’s heart, and she to us, that we just couldn’t let her go! A few months post her wedding, she came back as a family and joined the team of TT. Sometimes in life, you meet someone special who makes everything better just by being a part of it. For all the wonderful testimonials given by Neeraja for The Tamarind Tree, this one is from us!

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