Nivetha & Sridhar Wedding — The Tamarind Tree, Bangalore

Nivetha & Sridhar Wedding — The Tamarind Tree, Bangalore

From the land of down under, Nivetha and Sridhar walked in through the antique doors of The Tamarind Tree in January on a balmy Monday morning. Quite energetic and devoid of a hangover on the second day of the year, they were keen on looking at our property for their wedding scheduled for the 25th and 26th of June 2017.

They were over the moon when they discovered this was the place they had been searching for and our efforts in making a good first impression on Nivetha and Sridhar was a success as they gave us an immediate YES on their very first visit. We bonded over smokes and tea, and spoke about their ‘meet cute’ and their common love for bikes.

We even unearthed Sridhar’s rare liking for a Japanese fish called ‘Koi’ which is a symbol for good luck and courage. Their second visit soon followed with a cheque in hand! In reciprocation for their positive response, our team had organized a surprise for Sridhar and resurfaced the koi fish in the pond to wish the couple in their journey forward. Sridhar was ecstatic about the efforts that he introduced the pond and the fishes to nearly everyone who came to the wedding – things like this makes us want to go above and beyond for our clients.

Nivetha and Sridhar were more prepared than other clients in the planning of the wedding as they had a wedding planner in tow to coordinate with them whilst they were in Bangalore and when they were back in Sydney, Australia.

The couple had booked a 36-hour slot, in that they had multiple events in the span of two days. The events included – Engagement and a Sangeet on Day 1, followed by a Muhurtham and Reception on Day 2. Each event had well-thought themes and décor with vendors in place, showing us that a good plan will make a wedding more enjoyable than the rush and push we normally see at weddings (well, those are a different kinds of joys!)

Nearly a week before the wedding, we received a call from Sridhar who sounded concerned which was not his normal jovial self. There it was – the drama unfolded, and we understood that they were in a Catch 22 situation, due to professional differences the couple had to let go the wedding planners they initially booked. Following this, Sridhar requested the team at The Tamarind Tree to help with planning the wedding as they had only a week to the D-day and most of the vendors were associated with the wedding planner.

Unperturbed by the situation, the team at The Tamarind Tree kicked into gear to give Nivetha and Sridhar the wedding of their dreams. We liaised with the vendors of their choice (which included our most trusted décor and lighting personnel), but also brought in new vendors for music, caricature, and to boot ‘vodka pani puri’ -which was a sneaky and fun element enjoyed by the couple and guests alike.

At The Tamarind tree, we take pride in hosting families from different cultures, traditions and backgrounds. However, what truly makes it special for us is seeing love and joy blossom in the most serene locale amidst the chaos that is Bangalore. This feeling was showcased at the wedding when Nivetha wanted to add an element of surprise for Sridhar, who hails from Kerala, and organized the iconic Chenda Melam, a traditional Kerala based orchestra, to be performed at the start of the engagement evening. The surprise was executed in complete secrecy with help from Nivetha’s sister and the team at The Tamarind Tree.

During the engagement, when Sridhar went to change and return for the Sangeet, the Chenda Melam group were at this door to give the grandest welcome to his engagement evening. He was taken by complete surprise and the look on this face that night will be etched in our memories.

After the grand success of the Engagement and the Sangeet, we awaited the most important ceremony – the murhutham. The next morning, the mantap was beautifully adorned in pink, yellow, and white flowers, while the ‘Oonjal’ awaited a fun ritual for the bride and groom and their families. And they arrived – draped in beautiful ‘kanjeevarams and silk’, hand in hand, with team Tamarind Tree overlooking every aspect of the process and making sure everything was done to perfection. Soon after the completion of all the rituals, we caught a glimpse of the married couple sitting by the rocks, taking in the moment quietly and soaking in all that happened just a moment ago. Even almost a year now after their wedding, we remember them with the fondest of memories and the biggest of smiles on our faces.

To this day, the wedding of Nivetha and Sridhar is one that stands apart in our hall of fame. We have also built a lasting relationship with the couple who visit us each time they are in Bangalore. The wedding created a unique opportunity due to the relatively late involvement of The Tamarind Tree team in the wedding preparation. In saying that, we successfully pulled off the arrangements and coordinate the events to Sridhar and Nivetha’s satisfaction and delight. It felt like we were part of their family.

Our team, the Grand Indian Weddings build upon the ‘old-world charm’ of The Tamarind Tree to create an experience that is enjoyable, stress-free, and more importantly unique.

Picture Credits: Rimi Sen Photography.

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