7 Stage Decor Ideas For Indian Weddings

7 Stage Decor Ideas For Indian Weddings

What is that one element in a wedding banquet hall that makes you finally feel that you are, indeed, at a wedding party? We won’t be wrong to say – a heavily decorated centre stage! Not only is it the main centre of attraction throughout the day of the wedding, but it is also the focal point of all photos either as a distant backdrop, or as a main framing element.

It leaves in the mind of all a lasting impression for days and years to come. A wedding album is never complete without grand shots of the wedding centre stage and hence, care has to be taken for its decoration. That being said, even simplicity can exude grandeur and it need not necessarily be extravagant to stand out.

Read below to know some smart ways to decorate your wedding centre stage as per the latest wedding decor trends:

Flowers, lights and everything bright!

Now there is no denying flowers and lights can make even the dullest corner look dreamy, and weddings are supposed to be that!

Blurred lights in the background, blurred flowers in the foreground, and the beautiful couple in focus right in the middle of the dreamland.

A myriad mix of flowers similar either in pattern or shades, entwined with soft glowing string lights make for a perfect ambience surrounding one of the most beautiful moments of one’s life. While fresh flowers also add to a natural essence of freshness in the air, reusable flowers help protect the environment as they can be reused in multiple weddings. Ask your wedding planner for details on the same.


Flowy drapes and bright danglers

Crystal lanterns, Turkish lamps, mirror ribbons, disco balls, or even a chandelier, the more shiny and bright, the better! Surround it will be oodles of fabric draped around the pillars or making a canopy and have a centre stage that looks right out of a fairy tale.

It is better to opt for soft, pastel colours when going for a silver shine, and warmer, more classic colors when going for a golden shine. But if you like it really bold, even a mix of colours won’t do any harm and will only make it look like one fun wedding!


Minimalist drapes of satin

As we said earlier, grandeur does not necessarily mean all things loud and boisterous. While a lot of us like our weddings being a really bright affair, a lot of us also prefer sober colours and a relaxed feel.

If you belong to that category then here is the perfect wedding centre-stage decor idea for you – drapes of satin in varying shades of any one colour to give an ombre effect. Alternatively, you could also custom-dye satin drapes in shades that best suit your tastes for a more personalised feel.


Shades of White and Gold

The combination is such that one can play around with it to either give it a minimalist feel, or an extravagant royalness. For simplicity, it can be simple decor like a white vase with golden flowers, or think white frames entwined with golden coloured creepers, white lamps with golden bulbs, or even just a combination of white and gold drapes.

Similarly, if you want this combination to work towards a more classy and rich look then think white lace and gold sequins, more of gold and less of white, or a mix of silvery white and sunset gold decor. One could also have white arches and pillars decorated with murals in gold paint. All in all, this color combination is sure to make your photos look bright, fresh and festive.


An Indian marriage is never complete without the colours of haldi and kumkum. For someone who loves a traditional wedding, these colours will never fail you and is your safest bet. The combination makes for a stunning and a very extravagant backdrop, while also giving a feel of all things traditional. Think ornate gold vases with red roses, red chairs with golden ribbons, hanging yellow drapes clinched with a thick garland of red flowers, etc.



Bring Nature to Your Lap

Not literally but figuratively. Think white or pink or even red roses in the abundance of fresh green. Think green creepers and vines all around the pillars, or a background with a vertical hanging garden. While it may sound like a very off thing to do, trust us when we say it looks ethereal in reality.



The drama starts with Flowers and Satin

Flowers and satin can be subtle yet dramatic. It can add that edge to your decor by bringing together the man-made with the natural.

Colours play a big role in making this kind of wedding centre stage decor a hit or a miss and hence, stick to subtle shades of drapes decorated with dramatic flowers instead of the other way round. Using dark colours for both can make your photos look dark and so it is better to keep lighter shades for one of the elements, preferably the satin drapes as they will reflect light for better photos.




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