Summer Wedding Guide for the Effervescent Bride and Groom

Summer Wedding Guide for the Effervescent Bride and Groom

When we think of summer, we think of vacations, holidays, ice creams and off late, weddings too! Yes, summer weddings have become a phenomenon, and like everywhere in the country, we too believe there are quite a few reasons why one should definitely go in for a summer wedding. While we shall discuss the reasons why summer weddings should be opted for, let’s get on to some tips on how to flawlessly plan a summer wedding.

Here is a quick summer wedding guide for the Indian bride:

First things first, close in on the venue of your summer wedding.


Outdoor venues make for a great way to have a summer wedding. The crispy sun, the ruffling trees, the glistening shine wherever the sunlight hits – it is a perfect warm start to a warm relationship. Plentiful trees, a pond by the side, ample empty spaces for photo booths and the kids to play, a fresh breeze and the smell of nature make The Tamarind Tree one of the best venues for an outdoor wedding in Bangalore. Bangalore is known for crisp, warm summers without much humidity, which is great news for an outdoor wedding venue since the hair and skin won’t get frizzy and greasy, respectively!

Another advantage of an open-air, outdoor wedding venue is the disposition you have yourself to do up the venue as per your taste and spatial arrangement. In closed spaces, you don’t get that freedom.

Next comes the menu planning


Keep the weather in mind when planning your menu. You wouldn’t want sick relatives running in and out of the bathroom every time. While traditional dishes are a must, so are a range of cooling foods and drinks to keep everyone’s health in check. Weddings are high stress events, especially for the immediate family members and the last thing you would want is for your close family members to be unwell on your special day and miss out on important memories.

Salads, juices, coolers, yogurt based desserts, etc should be in the menu while keeping a check on excess protein rich food as those can increase body temperature.

If serving alcohol, make concoctions and cocktails with seasonal fresh fruit juices.

For a refreshing time, pani puris in different flavours can be a highlight of your wedding!

And then the most important – The Wedding Look




Pastel shades are in, but in Indian summers what matters even more than colours is the material used. Go for a breathable fabric that is flowy so your skin feels fresh throughout the day in spite of the heat. Chiffon, tulle, and organza are some of the most preferred choices for a fresh, summer wedding. For sarees, pure cotton can be a great option for summer. Other than that one can choose linens, khadi or silk sarees for a sweat-free, fresh summer wedding.

Go for colors like mint, lilac, peach, salmon, baby pink, powder blue, ivory, lime yellow, etc. Outfits with minimal embroidery that are lightweight will add to the free movement of a happy summer wedding. Prints are a hot favourite and add that quirky side to a wedding. There are many designers that make outfits perfect for a summer wedding in India.

When it comes to jewellery, keeping the heat in mind, stay away from chokers. Long Kundan necklaces, simple maang tikkas and elegant earrings will make the cut. Hand harnesses are a cool way to add a touch of sophistication to your wedding attire without going overboard with heavy bangles on a hot, humid day.

Chic updos can be a preferred hairstyle to go with your summer wedding theme. It’s clean and shows off your minimalistic style just too well.

For men, achkans or short sherwanis with Patiala pants can be a breather in the heat. If not in an AC hall, try and stay away from suits. It can be overwhelming unless in a very easy moving fabric. Traditional outfits like dhoti pants and kurtas or shirts with lungis are also a hot favourite in summer weddings. Keep away from any sort of heavy jewellery and heavy jackets to wear over your outfit. Carry one around for photos but for the rest of the day, stay calm and casual in your relaxed wedding wear.

For the rest of the attendees, you can set a colour theme for them to follow such that it complements your outfits as well as the decor.

Last but not the least, the wedding decor to match the seasonal colours



Colours like white, cream and gold will make the wedding look fresh as well as royal. Other colours that make the cut here are all pastel shades. Bright coloured decor can look really pleasing to the eye if it is an outdoor wedding but for an indoor wedding, preferably stick to sober colours. Another close favourite is floral theme weddings using fresh blooms for decoration. It keeps the environment smelling fresh and soothing. Forest theme green weddings are also a favourite of late, all with simple, minimal decor like tea lights and fairy lights.

Mist fans and coolers are important factors in a summer wedding no matter what the open venue. If you do plan to have your wedding on the open ground somewhere in the lush greenery, these are must-haves. You could also use colourful umbrellas to make a canopy such that heat is reduced and your venue looks instantly Instagram-worthy! Additional props to make your wedding more fun could be sunglasses, fancy hats, hand fans, ice buckets filled with canned/bottled drinks, ice cream carts for the little ones, and a healthy amount of cooling floral decoration.

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