Blending Traditions with Modern Flair: Tips for an Indo-Western Wedding

Blending Traditions with Modern Flair: Tips for an Indo-Western Wedding

Modern Indian weddings are a lot different than the weddings that happened almost fifteen to twenty years ago. With a lot more options on the kind of clothing, options of theme based weddings, venues that aren’t one’s home but feels like none other, and decor that is perfect to be the next new thing trending in the industry, a lot about Indian weddings have changed.

However, one thing that remains intact are the traditions and rituals. Modern Indian weddings may have taken in a lot of inspiration from the west in terms of themes and decor, but with traditions still rooted deep within, these weddings are a healthy mix of the old and the new. Some subtle ways to add a touch of western to a traditional Indian wedding are:

Ambient Lighting across the Venue

The kind of lights you use can make or break a decor. Colorful lights have been the kind of lighting usually done up in an Indian wedding but for the theme to be slightly western, it is advisable to use warmer toned lights. In fact, dim lighting looks even more fairy and who doesn’t want to have a Cinderella ballroom kind of decor at their wedding?

Tea lights are a major win when it comes a western wedding theme. Decorating trees with string lights add a subtle drama to your perfect wedding. Hanging string lights on a bare wall makes the space apt enough to be a dance floor. The correct lighting is the key to a wedding decor.

Softer colors across all aspects

The softer the colours, the more closer to a western theme will the decor be. Think pastels like lilac, peach, powder blues for a sophisticated touch. Ivory is a go to color in Western style weddings and thus a theme where the color scheme is ivory is a great way to add that perfect western touch to your modern Indian wedding. Bouquets of flowers that are pastel in shade will add that hint of freshness to your beautiful night.

Global cuisine on the menu

Food is one of the major factors to a memorable wedding. While it may take some careful curation and a lot of tasting sessions before finalizing on your menu and food vendor, having a global cuisine in your menu will surely win you compliments and fulfilling smiles.

Music and dress code

No denying the role of music when it comes to setting a mood. Slow music can really set the mood and pace of the party, which can then be followed by the more peppier dance numbers.

It’s with a little tweak and twist that one can achieve the indo-western wedding. For a truly fluid wedding in terms of decor and adaptability to themes, its best to go with a venue that’s versatile when it comes to styling. Venue with open grounds and ample spaces make for a perfect choice for someone who wants a dream wedding with beautiful photos for memories.

The Tamarind Tree is a property apt for such dream weddings. The property is nestled with huge trees, ornate work and statement pieces, a natural pond right at the centre, parking space that could accommodate #100# cars, spacious rooms with an open air bathroom to watch the stars while washing away the worries of the day and a 350 year old tamarind tree which gives it its name.


In conclusion,

The Tamarind Tree is a popular wedding venue in Bangalore, known for hosting beautiful Indo-Western weddings. With its stunning natural surroundings, spacious grounds, and versatile spaces, it’s no wonder why couples choose this venue to create their dream wedding. Follow these tips to add a unique touch to your Indo-Western wedding and make it a memorable experience at the Tamarind Tree.

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